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  Welcome  to   11:11   Productions

Elevating creators, entrepreneurs, and organizations

to transform stories & create media filled with meaning.

















You have a vision. You know you're here to make big things happen in the world. 

You want to build a business, start a movement, teach from your mastery.

In order to make your dreams a reality, you need powerful media,

but in order to share the greatest expression of your gifts,

you also need to discover who you really are.

This is what we do at 11:11 Productions.

We take you from the inside out.

We bring your visions to life

out of their essence.


Story Coaching


Working with both your inner story and your media content, we prepare you through our unique coaching process to be at your creative best.

Film Production


With over a decade of on-set production experience, we orchestrate all the elements of your vision for a tightly produced, visually-striking film shoot. 

Creative Design


We collaborate with you to bring your brand to life through editing, sound, animation, and graphics to create a powerful final product.



" I couldn't have imagined a better partner than Michael Armstrong for our production needs.


He does a great job understanding and executing your vision and is a true pleasure to work with. He also isn't afraid to render a creative opinion, but never oversteps any boundaries. Michael created upwards of 150 videos for us and I was blown away by the final product. "


Simone Figueroa – President

U-Thrive Educational Services

" As a demanding New Yorker, my expectations and standards are quite high.  Working with Michael on numerous projects throughout the past two years, he has consistently met or exceeded those expectations.


Michael was always professional, conscientious and a pleasure to work with. "

Bill Krame – Co-Founder
The Krame Center for Mindful Living


" Michael is a visionary artist. Rarely have I encountered film that marries tangible, practical, visual content with shamanic seeing, that glimpse beyond form to the ineffable that infuses life with meaning. 


His work both reflects and perpetuates a global awakening, inviting us to see not only with our eyes but with our spirit. "

– Hayley Ebersole,

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

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