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11:11 Productions —
media that makes a difference.

We know that creating a successful video product, whether it's an ad campaign, an online course, or a feature length documentary,  requires not only a systematic approach to content design and a clear understanding of an audience, but also a sense of humanness and what drives people emotionally. In order to make a project really sing, we bring our expertise in marketing, design, film production, and course creation, but also a powerful methodology for understanding your audience, and a client experience that will bring out your greatest creativity.

Our goal when working on any project is not to tell you what to do, but rather to use a signature process we've developed to help you understand the stories you want to tell, who you are telling them to, and how best to deliver them. Everyone is creative, and our mastery is bringing your out the essence of your vision and collaborating with you to bring it to life.


When it comes to making videos, this ain't our first rodeo.


Years of Filmmaking Experience


Online Course Videos Produced


Students Reached


Combined Views

Our team has been making documentaries, online courses, music videos, commercials, art films, political campaign videos and every other kind of film production imaginable for a long time. We've had a lot of practice with what works and what doesn't work, and when we put together a project we know what to look out for, how to plan for the unexpected, and how to set things up to make the experience smooth and enjoyable for our clients.

In recent years, we've really been specializing in online course production for several reasons. It's more satisfying to work with our clients on longer projects because we get to develop lasting relationships that way, but we've also found time and again that every business needs to find a way to connect deeply with their audiences in today's world of fast paced and automated marketing, and learning experiences are a great way to do that.

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