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Storytelling is more than just having a stroke of insight, and it's also more than following a formula. Good storytelling is a balance of receptive creativity that is born from sensing, combined with a systematic process for transforming that sensing into a cohesive narrative. And we've developed our expertise at both.

What We


Mission & Values

Any good story starts with why. Why is this narrative worth telling? The Mission and Values are the central sun of an organization, and we always start with carefully evaluating these seemingly simple elements to ensure that all the other elements of our designs radiate out of them. And if needed, to realign them to the original inspiration that the organization was born from.


Brand Narrative

Once we understand the holy trinity of mission, values and audience, then we can begin designing and refining the overarching Narratives. What goals and initiatives need to be showcased? What kinds of media need to be created to land with an audience? What is the long term strategy of the brand as a whole? All of these questions fall into place easily once the preparatory work has been done right.


Language Architecture

The final element of storytelling, the Language Architecture, is the part that is most visible. It is the choice of specific words and phrases, eloquent writing that conveys poetry and power behind an idea, the style of voice that speaks to people's hearts. It is where the beauty happens, but just like a lovely face, it is nothing without the bone structure and animating spirit behind it.


Market Research

Where the mission of an organization is like the sun, its audience is like the moon that reflect's it's light. Just like the moon, an audience is always shifting and must be studied carefully to understand its movements. We utilize a simple but powerful process of Market Research so that all of our creative work speaks to your audience's struggles, hopes and desires.


Storyboards & Outlines

The central narratives are a brand's DNA, and once they are in place we can construct the bone structure in the form of Storyboards and Outlines. These are the diagrams of the content, the through lines for video projects, the sequential strategies for marketing campaigns and the flow of curriculum for online courses. With these maps, filling in the details becomes a clear and straightforward path.


Personal Story Coaching

Beyond constructing the many layers of external narrative, there is also the internal story of the storytellers. Oftentimes what gets in the way of telling a compelling story is not a lack of words, but a limitation in our own personal story, our inner identity matrix. We use a powerful Personal Story Coaching method when this arises to help remove these blockages and get the stories flowing.

11:11 Productions has been a godsend for our company. From initial concept to a full website and marketing support they have put us on the map in our industry. Michael and Scout are stellar coaches and have a finely tuned understanding of the intricacies of what it means to combine the artistic and the business aspects of our company. They were able to tell our story through an approach that was both personal and professional.  A real state of the art experience.

Carmen Khan – Founder, Shakespeare Moment by Moment

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