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Visual Design

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Many artists end up specializing in only one medium, but what we've learned from exploring many different avenues of artistic creation is that the principles of composition and design cross the boundaries of format and style. We use that knowledge to create diverse multi-media assets fitted for any need. 

What We


Brand Kits

The most foundational element of any design project is a Brand Kit. Our philosophy is to design basic elements of a brand (colors, fonts, visual motifs and themes) as an extension of the brand's identity. For us, visual design and storytelling go hand in hand, like a character and a plot-line, and all of our designs are made to be in alignment with a brand's purpose and integrity.



When we work on a brand, we aim for every value, theme and aesthetic to reverberate through the entire organizational structure, and the Logo is like the front window into that structure. It is the first thing that people associate with a brand and it’s ethos, and so we make all of our designs with a rigorous process of analysis, followed by a collaborative iteration on artistic inspirations.


AI Art

With new AI Art tools like Midjourney, it is now possible to not only make fantastic images with a few strokes of the keyboard, but also to rapidly iterate design ideas without having to spend hours on the drawing board. We’ve incorporated AI into all of our workflows and our team is now constantly researching the possibilities of where this exciting new technology will lead to next!


Web Design

We got our start doing film and video, but over the years we've learned that many organizations need help with all the creative elements of their branding, and the website is the face of visual identity. Our Web Design follows the same principles of storytelling, stylistic flow and visual representation of ideas as any art medium, and we bring all our technical and artistic skills to the process.


Photoshop & Illustrator

In today’s world of online media, it is essential to have a versatile toolbox for making dynamic visual design elements. We use the Adobe Creative Suite regularly not just to edit video and make animations, but also to create all kinds of assets with Photoshop and Illustrator. These tools allow for a fluid interchange between digital drawing, photo manipulation, animation and video.


Traditional Marketing

When so much of our lives now exists online, it can be easy to forget that a huge amount of media still exists in the physical world! Flyers, posters, print ads, T-shirts, packaging and more are more alive than ever, and we always consider all the options around both digital and Traditional Marketing campaigns whenever we develop a brand strategy with our clients.

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