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Education is one of the fastest growing sectors of modern life, and it's no surprise why. With our world transforming so rapidly, it takes all the learning one can get just to keep up! We've cultivated a litany of skills to create the most potent learning experiences possible to maximize our clients' impact. 

What We


Instructional Design

Being a master of a subject is very different from knowing how best to teach that subject. When we work with our clients on a course, we use a comprehensive process to distill the knowledge that you know best into clear and powerful Instructional Designs comprised of videos, activities and documents so that your learners can get the maximum impact from your realms of mastery.


Program Implementation

Besides simply facilitating the design process for the creation of online courses, we also have a lot of experience in what it actually takes to run them. Ensuring that a program unfolds smoothly for a cohort of any size is no small task, and we help take you through the whole process from start to finish to guarantee a seamless Program Implementation for your participants.


Student Assessments

An aspect of online programs that can often be overlooked by first-time course creators is Student Assessments. Creating ways of tracking student progress at the outset, completion, and throughout a course serves to not only aid in the students' integration of knowledge, but also to provide valuable internal data for both modifying existing program designs and future program creation.


Learner Goals

Just like doing audience discovery for a brand, coming to a clear understanding of Learner Goals is the critical first step to making a course come to life. We conduct interviews with your ideal audiences and break them down into the most salient patterns of needs that emerge to ensure that your programs are fulfilling all the burning questions they want to get answered.


Interactive Experiences

While passively watching content online can work for some people, there are many types of learners and many ways to transmit information. We've done extensive research on the best methods for creating a fun and engaging Interactive Experiences while also maximizing the amount of information retained so that your students will be hungry to come back for more.


Evaluation & Iteration

Once the first cohort of a course is completed, the work is not over! Capturing and analyzing feedback, doing retrospectives on what went well and what didn't, and implementing all this information in successive Evaluation and Iteration processes is a key part of how we take a good course and make it great, by continuing to review and refine until it's solid gold.

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