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Discover the next generation of storytelling.
Discover the next generation of storytelling.


Documentary films have the unique power to affect our awareness at the level of mythic consciousness, that part of ourselves that is connected to dream symbols and deep archetypal feelings, while at the same time touching the real world that we live in.

11:11 Productions makes films aimed at bringing these two elements together: unifying our intuitive sense-making and sub-conscious capacity for vision, with the practical lives that we live everyday.

The Dream of the Dragonfly is to transform into something unimaginable. It lives as a nymph underwater, and then one day it climbs into the air and metamorphosizes into an iridescent flying creature. This is the change being offered to humanity at this tumultuous time in history, but we have to choose it.


This project is a multi-dimensional vision centered on a documentary film, leveraging the most potent tools, wisdom, and inspiration to transform our global society into the best version of itself. Not through ideas and technology, but by empowering individuals to change their own lives from the inside out.


Learn more about The Dream of the Dragonfly.


The Cosmic Giggle

Released in 2012, The Cosmic Giggle explores how human awareness, language and intention shapes the reality around us. Part psychology, part shamanic poetry, part audio-visual meditation, this film has sparked inspiration for thousands of people and gained a cult following in the years since its release. Some fans have watched the film over 50 times!


Taoist martial arts master and author, Lujan Matus

Founder of the Guardian Alliance, Adam Apollo

Founder of Enlifted and Procabulary, Mark England

Watch the Full Film here.


The cosmic giggle is a randomly roving zone of synchronicity and statistical anomaly.

Should you be caught up in it, it will turn reality on its head.

It is objective and subjective, simultaneously "really there"

and yet somehow sustained by imagination and expectation.

-Terence McKenna

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