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ORA Cacao

Engaging with chocolate as a ritual, rather than consuming it as candy, has direct positive impact on our individual well-being as well as our global ecosystem.

ORA Cacao is more than chocolate. Making ceremonial cacao requires the utmost care, every step of the process from the farmer to you. Cacao is medicine, not candy, and when we treat it as such we give back to the Earth and the communities that the chocoalte is sourced from.

At 11:11 we are proud to partner with ORA Cacao to help share their message of the powerful healing properties of ceremonial cacao, and how ORA is transforming the chocolate industry at every scale.

Learn more about ORA Cacao

Alchemical Leadership is more than a program.

It is a journey and a sanctuary for leaders committed to healing themselves and their organizations.

In partnership with Wayfinding 11:11 Productions is proud to present a suite of leadership development programs. Alchemical Leadership, Vital Leadership, and Power at Work take participants on a journey to find their inner power to give the highest potential of their gifts in an expertly facilitated community of other leaders devoted to doing the same.

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"'s an an initiation it's a rite of passage, and to be witnessed in a group like this,
it changes you and I'm really grateful for that. "

Lily B – Program Participant


Helping College Students to Thrive
Not Just Survive!

U-Thrive offers student-centered programs rooted in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion that are intentionally designed to equip college students with tools to manage stress, improve resiliency, and thrive throughout their undergraduate experiences and beyond.

Working with The Krame Center for Mindful Living, 11:11 Productions created the video content for these world-class programs that bring together experts from a diverse array of backgrounds to share lessons on well-being for college students who are under so much stress in the uncertain world of today.

Learn more about U-Thrive Educational Services

" I couldn't have imagined a better partner than 11:11 for our production needs. They have a true passion for their craft, which is apparent throughout the entire production process and final product.
They do a great job understanding and executing your vision and are a true pleasure to work with. They also aren't afraid to render a creative opinion, but never overstep any boundaries. 11:11 Productions created upwards of 150 videos for us and I was blown away by the final product. "

Simone Figueroa – President
U-Thrive Educational Services


The ancient practices of QiGong 

will provide you with the tools to connect

with your authentic, whole and healed self.

Noble Movement Academy offers certification programs for modern healers, coaches and trainers looking to integrate the profound healing power of qigong into their practices for themselves and their clients.


11:11 Productions partnered with The Noble Movement Academy to create immersive programs with a huge library of content covering qigong, breath work, functional strength and flexibility, sound healing, and much more.

Learn more about The Noble Movement Academy

Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) 

for Educators was developed because

You give so much to others,

now it's time to give to YOU.

MAPs for Educators is a holistic approach to stress management for teachers. The 12 module online programs are specifically designed for K-12 educators, emphasizing mindfulness. Through the courses, teachers learn how to create sustainable rituals for self-care, cultivate resilience, and explore various mindful awareness practices.

Another collaboration with The Krame Center, 11:11 Productions helped to bring the MAPs for Educators program to life, producing all of the course content.

Learn more about MAPs.


it's time to give energy and attention to you.



" As a demanding New Yorker, my expectations and standards are quite high.  Working with 11:11 Productions on numerous projects throughout the past two years, they have consistently met or exceeded those expectations. (The 11:11 team) was always professional, conscientious and a pleasure to work with. "

Bill Krame – Co-Founder
The Krame Center for Mindful Living


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