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Passion Projects

In addition to our client work, we've done several projects over the past 10 years that were just for the joy of it. We've made some music videos, short films, and feature length documentary that has over 500k views on YouTube.

The Cosmic Giggle was Michael Armstrong's first project after leaving USC film school at the age of 23. Wanting to expand outside the boundaries of traditional movie-making in Hollywood, Michael set out on a journey to meet fascinating individuals who had something powerful to say, specifically around the philosophical nature of our existence as human beings and how perception is formed and evolves through conditioning. This experimental film sparked the trajectory of 11:11 Productions and has since deeply touched the lives of many people, some of whom have now become life-long friends of ours!

Watch the Cosmic Giggle:

Another project that we had the pleasure of working on was a music video for the band Fellow Wolf (now called Bells Rang). This poetic and slow moving montage was the brain child of Christopher Drellow and Michael Armstrong, meditating on the casual melancholy of functional alcoholism:

Since 2020, we've been using BlackMagic Cinema cameras for all our shoots, and when we first got them, we thought we'd do a little test to see how they perform. This was the result of a half day shoot in the backyard:

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