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UThrive Educational Services

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We started working with UThrive in 2017, and along with their partner organization, Mindful Awareness Practices, they have been one of our biggest clients. We've now built out several different educational programs for a wide array of different demographics, including UThrive's flagship 16 module program for first-year college students, Life Skills for Thriving.

We are really proud of these programs both for the quality of video production we are able to achieve, as well as the important and impactful content that was brought to life that has already helped so many people. It's projects like these that we love to do, because they will continue to spread positive change in the world for years to come after we've finished our part of the work.

Watch our UThrive launch film below:

We were also very pleased with the way the course content turned out frr UThrive. Watch an excerpt from the 16 module program:

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