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Since January 2020, we've been working closely with Wayfinding to help them build out their leadership development programs for high-performing, heart-centered leaders who are ready to share the power of their true selves. Working with Wayfinding has not only helped us seriously up-level the precision and quality of our filmmaking, but also taught us a lot about the course design process and what it takes to make a program go from simple information delivery to becoming a consistently transformational experience for the participants.

11:11 Productions has now partnered with Wayfinding on four powerful programs that span a wide range of audience needs, all centered around the themes of personal development, organizational transformation, and the cultivation of inner power. We are extremely proud of this work, and highly recommend these experiences for anyone wishing to grow their leadership capacities.

Watch a recent sales video we made for Wayfinding's program, the Power Assessment for Leaders:

The first program made in collaboration between Wayfinding and 11:11 Productions was Alchemical Leadership, a 4-month advanced intensive on power and systems healing for leaders. Made right before the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Alchemical leadership was a deep honor to participate in, because not only did the participants consistently have truly life changing experiences over and over again, but we got to witness the direct effect of the program on the organizations and teams that these leaders oversaw, through one of the most challenge global time periods of living memory.

Watch an excerpt from Alchemical Leadership:

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