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Film Production

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Film Production is part intuitive artistic insight, part technical know-how, and part feng-shui principles put into practice. We bring all of these elements together in order to produce video that is not only composed of beautiful shots, but also professionally polished and aligned to the project's vision.

What We


High Cinematography

We use the most cutting edge film production equipment to bring the highest technical standards to all our work, but even the best cameras mean nothing without a knowledge of High Cinematography that comes from years of experience. Over the years we've mastered the art of making breathtaking imagery at any scale of production, from low-budget documentary to feature film.


Animation & Graphics

Great video is the language of modern marketing, but right alongside it goes beautiful Animations and Graphics. Nothing adds an extra punch to a video like an eye-popping logo animation or piece of motion typography that says we've put intentional design and care into our work. In a world saturated with video content, that extra edge can make all the difference.


Sound Design & Music

Even if a video looks gorgeous, it's Sound Design and Music quality can really be a make or break. The first step of great sound is the on-set recording, where we use the best quality equipment and methods. We then pull music and effects from a huge library and blend it all together with state-of-the-art techniques and technology to craft captivating soundscapes for every project.


Masterful Editing

When editing is done perfectly, no one notices as the shots flow seamlessly together. But when editing is done poorly, it sticks out like a sore thumb. So much work goes into the process of making edits invisible, and we've logged the hours to execute Masterful Editing from working on countless videos so that all of our projects make your content shine as it should.


Color Grading

Another aspect of filmmaking that disappears into the background when done well, Color Grading (and color correction) is a subtle art that gives video an extra layer of finesse. It can create visual style, transform simple shots into works of art and add cohesion to disparate elements of a visual narrative. Regardless of the project, we always use color to give our videos that final polish.


Platform Distribution

The last part of video production (which can often be forgotten until it arrives) is the Platform Distribution. This may seem like an afterthought, but is very important to keep in mind at every stage of the process. Is this a social media video, or a feature film for a movie theater? Every format has different requirements and we always design with them in mind from the beginning.

I couldn't have imagined a better partner than 11:11 for our production needs. They do a great job understanding and executing your vision and are a true pleasure to work with... 11:11 Productions created upwards of 150 videos for us and I was blown away by the final product. 

Simone Figueroa – President, U-Thrive Educational Services

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